How I Work

I offer a 15-minute free phone consultation where we can have a chat about your child’s development; whether that be for language, eating/drinking and/or sleep.  If I feel a consultation will benefit your child, we can arrange this appointment over the phone.

I will then come to your home at a time and day that is convenient for you and carry out an assessment.  This will include taking a case history, parental discussion, observation and some informal assessment and play.  A discussion will then be had and feedback will be given, outlining next steps.  If your child’s skills are appropriate for their age, no further input will be required.  If there is an indication that further input/advice/ therapy sessions will benefit your child, I will then offer and discuss appropriate packages of care.  This will include where the session will take place; home or educational setting and the frequency of the therapy appointments; this can range from weekly to monthly. The level and type of input your child receives is based on their individual needs and will be regularly reviewed.

I also offer training packages to educational settings.  Please contact me for more information.

For information on fees, please contact me directly.